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On March 24th, 2019, Anycon organized all employees to carry out outdoor


      On March 24th, 2019, Anycon organized all employees to carry out outdoor development activities in the forest park, aiming to let everyone reduce pressure, release mood and stay away from the production line through this outdoor development activity. The pressure on the work and the burden of daily work encourages everyone to work and rest, and is passionate about work and life.

   The activity was divided into six small squads. Each team member had a slogan full of positive energy. After the team members shouted their own slogans, they all screamed and eagerly tried. With a cannon, the players of each group started. A fun and exciting event that is full of fun and fun.

    During the game, cheerleaders shouted and the teammates helped each other and the team members went all out. In the event of the drum contest and the red bag, the hero is in awe, the skill is agile, the health is good, and the luck is good!

    In the game of jumping big ropes and long snakes crawling, some of the steps are light and easy, some are struggling to jump, some are rushing to the ground...

        When the tug-of-war was put out, it was all the best, and the players who participated in the fight were doing their best. The players who participated in the competition indulged themselves, and the cheers and cheers on the side of the field, together with the laughter and laughter, continued to push the event to one climax. The culture of “Reactive, Upward, Healthy, Sunshine” of Anrui Smart Remote Control Company was vividly expressed.

   After the end of the event, everyone still felt that they were still unsatisfied. They said that it is meaningful to participate in such activities, so that everyone feels that not only the body has been effectively exercised, but also promoted emotional communication, increased team cohesion, and increased everyone's closeness to nature. The breath, the feeling is not the same as the realm of life.

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