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Anycon invites you to meet the HKTDC 2019 event


      Since the establishment of Anycon, it has participated in several consecutive Hong Kong Electronics Fairs in the fall. As an internationally influential electronic exhibition, the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair was hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and has been held for 38 times. Large electronics show. It is a professional exhibition in the field of electronic components, components and production technology.

Anycon invites you to meet the HKTDC 2019 event

      At the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show in 2018, Anycon's smart remote control attracted much attention and won high praise from new and old customers. At the 2019 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show, Anycon will bring a full set of smart home systems to the show.
      Products with simple and stylish design, remote timing delay control, intelligent module free combination, APP system easy to operate and many other high-tech technology are looking forward to your experience.
      In addition, the latest smart remote control AM20 and Bluetooth voice remote control AN1603, universal remote control AN5305 series are also on display.

      The theme presented by Anycon will be shared by you, the control system of smart home, control panel, electrical control system, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent shading system, HVAC system, smart home software, home network system, home wiring system. , smart device chips and sensors, intelligent hardware products, APP application software, smart panel / socket, intelligent sleep and health monitoring, automatic irrigation system, cloud service platform.

Anycon invites you to meet the HKTDC 2019 event

      Then break down some of the smart entertainment categories: home background music system, home theater and multimedia systems, digital living room systems, smart routers, smart boxes, smart audio, intelligent robots, audio and video systems, broadcast conferencing systems, cinema related products and solutions , intelligent control and lighting systems, audio and video accessories, custom mounting accessories and acoustic processing materials.
      At that time, Anycon's exhibiting team will provide you with one-stop service by a professional team consisting of R&D director, designer, software engineer, hardware engineer, electronic software engineer, sales staff and customer service staff.

Anycon invites you to meet the HKTDC 2019 event
Booth No.: 1D-B22
Exhibition time:October 13-16, 2019
Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China

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