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2019 Hong Kong Autumn Show Review


Hong Kong Autumn Show Review | Every departure, it’s a different bloom
  For each brand, every exhibition is a stage of competition. Since the establishment of Anycon, it has left footprints in many large-scale consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, and every time Anycon exhibits, it will shine. It attracts the attention of countless people inside and outside the industry. What kind of strength can make Anycon capture the hearts of many visitors? Now follow the small series to review the wonderful performance of this 2019 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show!
   The 2019 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair brought together 4,300 companies from 24 countries and regions. Many countries and many well-known companies participated in the exhibition, and many large coffee gatherings have always been the highlight of this exhibition. The scene can be described as a crowd of people.
  With the theme of “smart home”, Anycon presents the actual operation experience of the model through the model and the real life of Anycon. Anycon's product design and practical use cases have attracted a large audience to stop and enjoy.

   On October 15th, Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair successfully concluded. During this short three-day exhibition, Anycon smart home products have welcomed thousands of industry colleagues from home and abroad to visit, experience and consult. Countless highlights are worthy of our recollection. Taking this opportunity to review, all Anycon people sincerely said to all the friends present: Thank you for your presence, accompany me along the way! At the exhibition where people come and go, every "you" step into the Anycon showroom, let us have a responsibility and touch.

Passionate talk, strengthen cooperation
   By providing customers with professional products and services, Anycon not only enhances the product experience and comprehensive benefits for its partners, but also delivers a batch of professional technical talents to the industry.

Anycon people communicate with customers in good faith

Anycon people communicate with customers in good faith

  This group of enthusiastic and hardworking partners has set up a bridge between Anycon and users, sincerely facing customers, solving customer needs, and always providing the most professional service to the partners in the exhibition with the most professional spirit.
The end of the song is scattered, the finish is long
   In two days, the Anycon booth was filled with the conversations of Anycon people and their partners.

Anycon people and customers sincerely communicated with the group photo
  The phrase "growth and success partners" is not a slogan. We believe in the "artisan spirit" and practice "extreme culture", and are committed to providing customers with safer, higher quality products, more scientific and ground-breaking solutions, and promoting partners to succeed.

  Although the show has ended, the enthusiasm of the Anycon people has not faded. Your attention and expectations will strengthen our pace towards the future. Once again, thank you for your attention and companionship, and let us make another appointment, the next exhibition will not be seen!

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