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What is the 433Mhz RF remote control


    In the previous chapters, we talked about the transmit power and application range of the RF2.4G remote control. Today we are going to share the remote control distance of my remote control that customers often ask. In fact, this question is a bit general, how far is the satellite in space from us? We can all remotely control on the earth. So what we must emphasize is the scope of the application and what is the terminal device? In daily life, some of the remote control distances we use are rarely seen in the 100-meter range, so we will use the 100-meter remote control to analyze the relevant technical knowledge.


   Unlike the RF2.4G remote control, the 433Mhz remote control is a high-powered wireless remote control (RF) that transmits at a distance of up to 100 meters (subject to actual measurement). The 433Mhz remote control is also commonly used in car electronic keys.

      433Mhz remote control, the communication principle is: the remote control encodes high and low level data, and then loads it into the high frequency circuit and sends it to the air. The receiving module (device side) of the corresponding frequency band can receive the signal and can decode it if The coding rules are the same, that is, the synchronization code, the address code, and the data code format are the same, and the number of bits is the same, and communication can be performed. For example, the encoding IC IC 2240/1527, the coding specifications of different manufacturers are basically the same, and can be used together.
   So for the 433Mhz remote control, the customer only needs to provide each button level rule. It is also possible to provide a prototype to read each button level rule.
   The remote control of the 433Mhz, the closer the transmission frequency is to 433Mhz, the better the frequency. The transmission frequency and transmission power are required to produce 100% inspection to ensure the quality assurance of the remote control.
    The wireless transceiver module adopts radio frequency technology, also called RF433 radio frequency small module, which is composed of a single IC RF front end produced by all digital technology and ATMEL AVR single chip microcomputer. The micro transceiver can transmit data signals at high speed, and the wireless transmission data is packaged. , error detection, error correction processing.
    The components are all industrial grade standards, stable and reliable, small size and easy to install. Suitable for security alarms, wireless automatic meter reading, home and industrial automation, remote remote control, wireless data transmission and other systems.
Its scope of application
■ Wireless POS, PDA and other wireless intelligent terminals.
■ Fire, security, computer room equipment wireless monitoring, access control system
■ Traffic, weather, and environmental data collection.
■ Intelligent community, building automation, parking lot vehicle management.
■ Wireless control of industrial automation such as smart meters and PLCs.
■ Logistics tracking, warehouse inspection.
■ Data collection of oil fields, gas fields, hydrology and mines.

   About the introduction of the 433Mhz remote control, we will share it here today, welcome to comment and leave a comment below.

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