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Smart doorbell UM02 new products in the high-end market


      According to a new research report released by Technavio, it is expected that the global smart doorbell market will usher in a rapid development in 2018-2022, with a compound market growth rate of 69%. The development prospects of smart doorbells are good, attracting many domestic and foreign technology companies to step up the research and development and production of smart doorbells.

      The brand of uniplay, which is one of the best in the smart home industry, will naturally not miss any chance. This is a smart doorbell for middle and high-end users, which is highly intelligent.

     UM02 supports low-power fast start, wide-angle lens, full HD video, two-way voice, motion detection, infrared night vision, 32G memory card and cloud storage. It is powered by a built-in polymer lithium battery.

    The UM02 adopts a 166-degree wide-angle high-definition camera and is equipped with infrared sensing. The night vision effect is outstanding, making the night corridor clear like daylight, and the microsecond sensitive detection can guarantee the safety of each user to the greatest extent.

   Users can also manage the home status through APP networking, mobile remote viewing, remote monitoring, remote video calling and other functions.

   The user can remotely control the home door and the visitor record through the mobile phone. The free cloud storage function can also be used to remotely download the captured photos or videos. When a visitor visits, the doorbell can be used to remotely call and realize the remote video call with the owner. When the smart cat's eye is linked with the smart door lock, the owner can confirm the visitor's identity through the video, and can also unlock it remotely by one button (need to cooperate with the installation of the relevant smart lock).

   UM02 adopts full-view hard-screen liquid crystal. The molecular structure is much more robust and stable than soft screen, so it will not produce picture distortion and affect the color of the picture, and the effect of protecting the picture will not be damaged.

   Uncompromising picture quality can be seen on all sides, and it also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

   UM02 can establish a comprehensive alarm system for users. When there is no one in the house, when the gangsters violently disassemble the cat's eye, the smart cat's eye will automatically send out an alarm, shocking the unscrupulous person, and simultaneously issuing a mobile phone alarm message to the user, so as to prevent and prevent the property damage. The product combines powerful functions such as AI face recognition, motion detection, seamless intercom, and more with remote video surveillance, high-definition night vision, face capture alarm and many other black technologies to achieve monitoring and alarm integration.

   UM02 design is square, the lines are simple and smooth, gray and black, showing simple and calm. The outer casing is made of zinc alloy, which is exquisite in workmanship and delicate in texture.

    In order to build UM02, uniplay has used enough materials in terms of chip, screen and shell material, and has done a lot of work on function development.

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