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Anycon releases the latest product UM01 smart camera


    After more than a year of precipitation, Anycon's smart home brand Uniplay released the latest product UM01 smart camera. From exploding items from smart home security to innovative small-scenario packages, Unipla will offer new possibilities for smart homes with a unique path to upgrade your life.

The UM01 smart camera is the most heavyweight item in the smart camera series. The UM01 smart camera launched this time is not only a hardware device for security care, but also an important carrier for artificial intelligence interaction, giving users peace of mind that they can guard and accompany them. It is reported that this new product continues the traditional warmth route on the market, the big eyes and the embarrassing shape of the cute, so that security is not surveillance but guardian. In terms of hardware technology, the high-definition picture quality brought by the world’s leading brand chips, the non-light pollution infrared fill light and the professional infrared mask, accurate humanoid detection and mobile alarm technology all bring more intelligent safety care. Not only that, but the UM01 camera can also perform voice interaction, and truly become a companion in the smart home that can be heard and seen.

In addition, Uniplay’s smart door locks, universal remote controls, smart sockets and other products are coming soon. In the follow-up smart home products, Uniplay will add some scene packages to launch a new brand strategy that demonstrates Uniplay. The intelligent camera that can be heard and can be seen is an important carrier of artificial intelligence interaction, and the smart camera is used as an entry point to create a new direction for the development of the smart home industry.

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