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Anycon released smart switch UC01 new product for the smart home market


Anycon released smart switch UC01 new product for the smart home market

Anycon Brand Uniplay will release a series of new products recently, and a complete set of smart home products will come into being after the smart camera and smart doorbell. In addition to the intelligent switch, the bulb body, and the APP intelligent control, the intelligent switch control device also has the Internet of Things connection capability, and the function can be continuously expanded through the APP.

The core functions of the UC01 smart switch are to control the switch, lighting effects, creation, health and happiness.

The UC01 has four major components, a tempered panel, a touch backplane, a functional motherboard and a flame retardant pedestal.

1. In terms of quality: UC01 adopts luxurious tempered glass panel, and the crystal clear appearance reflects the exquisite and simple style of fashion home.

2. Waterproof. UC01 has achieved six levels of waterproof function. No matter whether the weather is wet, the hands are sweaty or the touch switch is not washed, the switch is no longer troubled by the leakage of the switch.

3. Sensitivity. UC01 uses a new original imported smart chip MCU touch sensitive, quality can be well protected and can provide a high degree of stability.

4. Functional aspects. It can be remotely controlled by touch or remotely controlled by a mobile phone tablet, which is convenient and quick.

The launch of UC01 will help the development of the smart home industry, adding a new smart product to the smart home industry, which will greatly enhance the experience of smart home.

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