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Anycon's brand uniplay released US01 infrared alarm plus smart home security


An alarm controller in an anti-theft alarm system is an essential and important option in smart homes. US01, a part of the smart home system released by uniplay, is part of this system.

Generally speaking, the burglar alarm system consists of the perimeter security alarm system to form the first line of defense, the community monitoring system constitutes the second line of defense, the patrol management system forms the third line of defense, and the video intercom system forms the fourth line of defense. The detector system forms the fifth line of defense, and then the system constitutes the last line of defense, sending emergency help information to the community networking center and the owner through various wired and wireless emergency buttons or keyboards. The burglar alarm host and the infrared anti-theft detector can be said to be an important part of this last line of defense.

The US01 infrared anti-theft detector is mainly composed of an optical system, a pyroelectric sensor (or infrared sensor) and an alarm controller. Although it is a passive infrared detector, it adopts microcomputer digital signal technology and high stability detector parts, which are innovatively designed. With temperature compensation, anti-strong white light, anti-electromagnetic interference, and eliminate a variety of false positives. When the intruder passes through the infrared detector, the infrared detector sends a signal to the alarm host, and the alarm host immediately reports an alarm.

The US01 R&D team leader of uniplay mentioned at the product introduction meeting that the main features of the US01 passive infrared alarm are as follows:
Because it is passive and does not actively emit infrared light, its power consumption is very small and easy to install. Compared with microwave alarms, infrared wavelengths cannot pass through general buildings such as brick cement. When used indoors, there is no need to worry about false alarms due to outdoor moving targets. When multiple passive infrared alarms are installed in a large area of the room, since it is passive, there is no problem of system mutual interference. Work is not affected by sound, ie the sound does not cause it to cause false positives.
The US01 passive infrared detector needs to pay attention to the following problems in the layout: it can be directly installed on the wall, ceiling or corner according to the on-site detector mode. Pay attention to the detector’s detection range and horizontal viewing angle when arranging. Do not align the detector with the heater and air conditioning outlet ducts. Do not aim at strong light sources and doors and windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to have high obstructions and interference from electric fan blades, etc., and do not install them in strong electric places. These improper arrangements may cause anomalies in the use of US01.


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