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Anycon US04 smart door sensor release response is sensitive and reliable


US04 smart door sensor release response is sensitive and reliable
In the uniplay smart home system, the use scene of the door and window sensor appears frequently, and the US04 magnetic sensor is born for this purpose. In the design of the Zigbee version of the US04 smart wireless can be used as a smart wireless door and window sensor, the two fusion use can be used for users. Save some costs and improve the convenience of the experience.

In addition to the ability to open and close the door, the US04 smart door sensor can also perform intrusion alarm push, push-in time push and smart home device linkage.

1. This is a compact door and window sensor that can be placed on all the door and window frames in the home, regardless of metal or not;
2.US04 door and window sensor can simply act as the doorbell system, it will ring when it is opened, which is used to remind people to enter and exit; 3.US04 with uniplay gateway can realize the anti-theft alarm function. If someone triggers the door and window sensor at the specified time, it will automatically start the alarm. And lighting, information push and other functions;
4.US04 can also be used with a customized gateway to automatically open the door, such as lighting, air conditioning, TV, curtains and other equipment.

The designer of the US04 door and window sensor said that US04 has the following characteristics compared to similar products on the market:
1. Magnetic induction of the door, the reaction is sensitive and reliable;
2, the transmission power is large, the distance is far;
3, strong compatibility, built-in two encoding options, compatible with a variety of alarm hosts;
4, small shape, cute fashion, add color to the home;
5, long standby, long standby;
6, easy to install, small size, no land, easy to install.


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