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Anycon released smart garage door controller UC04 voice control compatible with Alexa, Google


     With the application and popularization of artificial intelligence, all kinds of intelligent products have penetrated into all aspects of our life. The arrival of the intelligent era can effectively improve the efficiency of our work for our lives, and the car brings convenience to people. At the same time, warehousing has become one of the most troublesome problems in daily life. uniplay released the intelligent garage door controller UC04 voice control compatible with Alexa, Google. Can effectively solve problems such as car warehousing for us.

    The UC04 garage door controller is an intelligent multi-function manual and wireless remote control dual-purpose electric door controller designed with digital technology. The garage door controller has good intelligent judgment function and high reliability, and is the preferred automatic control device in the current garage door system.

    UC04 has the functions of setting stroke, automatic closing (delay closing), resistance to rebound, etc. It can be widely used in garage doors, supermarkets and other places.

1. Control method: intelligent garage door controller, changing the control method of traditional garage door. Smartphones are remotely controlled via Smart Life/Smart APP, and home assistant voice audio is compatible with Alexa/Google

2. Multi-function: The phone remotely checks the status of the garage door. When the garage door is opened/closed, the message notification will be sent to the phone. It can be used to open/close garage doors at regular intervals, or to share equipment to family or friends.

Uniplay’s R&D engineers said that some of UC04’s product design and R&D materials are applying for technology invention patents. It is believed that the relevant results will be announced soon, which will greatly enhance the application and promotion of UC04.

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