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Anycon reached a cooperation with topfield


In early 2012, the company remote control production factories have been expanding, the production base moved adjacent to Mission Hills Dongguan Fenggang. After the customer seriously visited our new remote control manufacturing plant for our products showed a keen interest in our customers to explain the leadership of our products, our customers R & D strength is recognized, it also makes after the cooperation can be smooth.

In the process of communication with customers, because of language differences, the customer can only use short words to express their meaning, which gives the bilateral cooperation has brought about tremendous obstacles, but even so, our business people with a wealth of business experience and accurate understanding of the client's meaning and relatively simple English to communicate with customers, in the course of conversation, we invested a great deal to the customer enthusiasm, cooperation becomes a corollary.

As the customer said, I Division did not Korean translation, but we can still communicate smoothly, thanks to our customers invested a great deal of enthusiasm. Ultimately, the customer chose us as his remote control suppliers.

Anycon reached a cooperation with topfield

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