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Intelligent Remote Control Cooperation Manufacturer_ASUS

Asustek Computer Inc. was founded in 1989, is the world's largest motherboard manufacturers, and among the world's top three consumer notebook brands. ASUS always go all out for quality and innovation, continue to provide innovative technology solutions for consumers and business users. 2013 to obtain a global professional appraisal organizations with a total of 4,256 media awards recognition. 2011 ASUS open pursue an unparalleled global task, exciting and innovative spirit of the brand to a higher level. Launch of the hugely popular tablet on the market distortion, much appreciative professionals abroad; October pushed the extreme ultra-thin and light notebooks ZENBOOK, in addition to the technology devoted to the appearance and performance of thin, but portray intelligent laptop with that the use, the value of a new era of green and efficient. 2012 release in conjunction PadFone phone, tablet, small cross-functional laptop, shocked the market, Asus laid brilliant research and innovation strength. April 11, 2014, Asus smartphone industry to break the lingering suspense for several days in order to "pursue unique" brand core concept in Beijing revealed the 2014 Best New Family full of smart phones - stylish, colorful series and smartphones ZenFone New deformation phone PadFone mini, to 799 yuan price shock strong into the mainstream smartphone market. Now, more positive future mobile cloud era layout will create infinite possibilities in the world. In focusing on innovation and quality aside, ASUS has devoted themselves to social welfare, education, culture and environmental protection, etc., and certainly made a number of leading and certification in Europe, the United States, Japan and Taiwan, local and other international environmental mark in order to design considerate humanity, touched the hearts of 3C technology products for the mind, as consumers continue to experience unparalleled value.

Intelligent Remote Control Cooperation Manufacturer_ASUS

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