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"MINIX" global trademark. All products are minix R & D production, service, while enjoying the driver software intellectual property rights, innovation and advanced products to ensure the stability of the product design and service assurance, and is a global multi-media users to enjoy the pursuit of quality assurance.

MINIX created since 2008, MINIX strive to become the world leader in next-generation computer and create a precedent in terms of PC and multimedia technology. MINIX pursuit of the latest technology to provide a revolutionary computer equipment to meet your requirements for computer multimedia information processing technology. The MINIX also offers a variety of other functions in addition to Web browsing, Google entertainment shops, Internet TV, YouTube video site, video playback


"Minix" products have been covered major areas of high-definition playback, minipc, tablet computers.

Which media player HD video player, Android applications, Airplay, local playback, music MTV, computer applications and wireless device applications. Have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions, products sold all over the globe.

Now Germany, the United States, Hong Kong and other places to set up offices in the country to establish a sound agent, distribution service system, sales and service network around the world.


"Minix" was in 2012 by the US FCC certification European CE certification, China 3C certification, Japan TELEC certification, Australia SAA certification for users to ensure product quality and global competitiveness.

MINIX is committed to providing top for all users of computer technology, it is also unrelenting commitment to design. MINIX series redefines the way you operate your computer media accumulated leading experience in computer information processing technology.

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