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The Ways to Program the Different Remote Control


The Ways to Program the Different Remote Control

How To Program A Samsung Remote To A DVD Player?

1 Turn your DVD player off.

2 Press the Mode button on your remote to switch the remote to DVD mode. (your remote may have a row of component buttons at the top labeled DVD. If that is the case, press the button of the device you want to program.

3 Press the Set button on the remote control.

4 Enter the three digit DVD player code listed in your TVs user manual. If the code is only one or two digits, you must make it into a three digit code by adding zeros before the number. For example, if the code is 7 enter 007.

5 Press the Power button on the remote control. The DVD player should turn on.

6 After you have set up your universal remote control, press the Mode button on your remote and switch the remote to the appropriate mode or press the appropriate component button (DVD) before you can use it to control your DVD.


How to Program a DISH NETWORK Remote Control?

1.While at the device location, point your remote at the device. Press and hold the device mode button on your remote. All four mode buttons should light up.

2.Press the receiver POWER button on your DISH remote. The device button should light up.

3.Press the UP or DOWN arrow on the remote (about one press per second). During the scan, the mode light will remain lit when you are not pressing the up or down arrow, but will go out each time the arrow is pressed. Stop as soon as the device turns off, and proceed to step #5. This process may take several minutes. The TV should turn off.

4.If the scan has cycled through all available codes, the mode light will blink rapidly for two seconds, and will light up only when you press the up or down arrow. This may take approximately 5 minutes. If the scan fails to produce a code that will control the device, advise the customer that Dish does not currently support the equipment.

5.Press the POUND (#) button. The device Mode button should flash 3 times.

6.Press the POWER button on your remote to turn the device on. If this does not work, return to step 1. The device should turn on and respond to remote commands.

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