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Cooperation with customers and win-win


In early 2010, the company received a customer inquiry, the customer with new ideas designed a silicone sleeve using the remote control, but the client does not know how to be able to realize his idea, so customers put this arduous task to Anrui record in more than engineers after up to eight months of attempts, finally realized the concept of customers, customers want to make a sample.

When entering the production, due to the special materials and structure of the product, although can play samples, but mass production one week but can only produce 500 products are bad. The following month is hard work overtime, but only produced around 6000, with the production process, the company continued to optimize the product line improved, after a period of improvement, the defective rate is greatly reduced.

Delivery nervous because customers keep for a month in Shenzhen, with reminders every day hard to 0:00, the order timely shipment to the customer, in the winter 3:00 at the airport to arrange air shipping. After six months of persistent efforts, finally able to do quality and timeliness of delivery. In the end, we won the praise of customers.

Customer achievement Anycon achievement comes to our insistence for Remote control

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