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Anycon Smart Remote Control Manufacturer Cooperation_Topfield

Anycon Smart Remote Control Manufacturer Cooperation_Topfield

Topfield is leading PVR industry taking initiatives in digital broadcasting industry. Since its establishment in 1998, with its first export of STB in Sep. 2000 on the basis of differentiated technologies, Topfield is securing higher reliability and competitiveness on the basis of continuous promotion for the products under its own brand and distinguished technologies in the world.

Topfield launched more advanced and innovative functions than digital STBs only receiving broadcasts, on the basis of unique ASIC design technology in the global markets. Topfield realizing simultaneous recording for the first time in the world was introduced in Mediacast, the largest expo related to satellite broadcasting held in England every year. The superior technology and quality of Topfield has been recognized in the global markets, for example, as PVRs of Topfield was nominated as ‘World Best’ by “Sat-Kabel,” the reputed digital broadcasting magazine in Germany. At present, Topfield recognized as the standard in PVR industry is focusing on research and development of total digital products and exploiting global markets. Also, TOPFIELD name at fixed highest position as a leader in PVR market. TOPFIELD product has many advanced functions as PIP (Picture-in-Picture), USB (2.0) port, network service, quad recording while watching another service etc with 1TB HDD and high performance main chipset.

This is really remarkable high end PVR product which differentiates the values from previous PVR range by Topfield’s high technology.

Topfield spares no efforts to be the choicest selection of companies in the world as developing core technologies ahead of the flows in the digital era and manufacturing top-most products in the world to meet market needs.

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