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our product

our product

We provide intelligent voice remote control for the current mainstream smart TV, smart set-top boxes , game controller intelligent remote control.

our technology

our technology

Adhering to customer demand as the core, focusing on providing customers with proven interactive solutions and equipment, the company has a strong software development team.

our service

our service

We specialize in a variety of remote control design, development, production and sales and after-sales service. Critical process covers injection, patch (SMT), printing, assembly, testing and so on. We conducted a series of product reliability testin...

our sales

our sales

We set up a domestic market sales in Shenzhen, the overseas market sales and e-commerce sectors, all areas to meet the customer's knowledge, product customization.


Product Innovation attract BestBuy

Product Innovation attract BestBuy

EZCast novel appearance and powerful features to attract the attention of BestBuy, customers need to use their own ideas, we help clients achieve a satisfactory solution.

Cooperation with customers and win-win

Cooperation with customers and win-win

Customers design is the use of a remote control silicone material, after trying several engineers finally achieved customer philosophy.

Anycon reached a cooperation with topfield

Anycon reached a cooperation with topfield

We smooth communication, thanks to our customers invested a great deal of enthusiasm. Ultimately, the customer chose us as his remote control suppliers.


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Shenzhen Anycon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Anycon is a great brand in China, we have being in this area for many years. We specialize in design, development, manufacture, marketing and after-sales services.



How to Simplify the Design of an RF Remote Control

Designing radio frequency (RF) remote controls has never been easier thanks to the advent of highlyintegrated, single-chip RF solutions. System-on-chip (SoC) transmitter solutions greatly simplify the process of designing a remote control and reduce syst

Program Your Universal Remote Control Using the Setup Tool

Our Anycon Universal Remote Control Factory Setup tool can guide you through programming your remote to control your TV and other devices.Turn on your universal TV remote control, press Menu on your universal remote control, select Help, Information, and

Diffenrent Types of Remote Controls

The History of the Remote Control: The Downfall of Western Civilization? I count five in just this room alone, not including the wireless mouse and keyboard I am using right now to type this paper. Everyone has seen remote controls for televisions, VCRs,

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How To Program A Samsung Remote To A DVD Player? How to Program a DISH NETWORK Remote Control? anycon remote control factory supply the best way to solve the problem

Are You Still Confused by Programing a Remote

How to program a remote using the code search feature Find the version number of your GE universal remote (same instructions as step 1 above). Turn on the device you want to program into the remote first. Hold down the SETUP button for four seconds and

program universal remotes from RCA

Turn on whatever device you want to program. Press and release the button on the remote that corresponds with whatever device you’re currently attempting to program (i.e. the TV, the DVD player, etc.). You’ll notice that the ON-OFF button will turn on an

What is a Universal Remote

Factory remote controls range from basic functionality to full learning remotes. Audiophile components tend to come with heavy, metal remote controls that are designed to make you feel like you are in control of a serious piece of equipment.receiver remot

Usage of Remote Control

Remote Control Factory Industry Remote control is used for controlling substations, pump storage power stations and HVDC-plants. For these systems often PLC-systems working in the longwave range are used.Anycon remote control factory is a professional re

IR RF Remote Control— Anycon Remote Control Manufacturer

IR RF Remote Control— Anycon Remote Control Manufacturer.infrared (IR) remote controls use light, they require line of sight to operate the destination device. Radio remote control (RF remote control) is used to control distant objects using a variety of

How the Remote Control Rewired the Home

remote control manufacturers and hobbyists developed new remote controls to combat the annoyance of commercial interruptions and reclaim the living room as a multi-use space.anycon remote control accept OEM & ODM, small quantity also accept

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